• Table Top Jewelry Holder

Table Top Jewelry Holder

Our solution to tangled-jewelry chaos. This tabletop organizer keeps earrings and necklaces organized and beautifully displayed.
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- Great for renters, people who move frequently, or those who just don’t want to do the extra step of installing a jewelry holder.
- Fits easily on top of a nightstand, dresser, or shelf.

- All necessary hardware

- Measures: 6" x 11"
- Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

Inspiration Behind the Design

Before owning a home - I rented and moved almost every year for over 12 years. I wanted to make a jewelry holder for those who aren’t able to put holes in their walls. This is a life saver for those in a more transient period in their lives. It has a small footprint but can hold a lot. Display your favorites and keep your earrings within reach and out of the scrambled bowl of necklaces you’ve become too accustomed to.