• Air Plant Holders
  • Air Plant Holders
  • Air Plant Holders
  • Air Plant Holders

Air Plant Holders

Let your airplants breathe. The tiny green treasures hang comfortably with our colorful wall planters. 

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- Keep toxic-plants out of reach from pets and kids
- Upgrade your wall art with a living display
- Make the most of sunny wall surfaces to maximize your plant real-estate

  • Matching screw cap covers - want to mix things up? Add a snap cap pack.
  • All necessary hardware 
  • Mounting directions

- Measures: Grapefruit is 3.5" diameter x 3"; Terracotta is 6" diameter x 3”
- Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

Why Did We Make This?

Air plants are a unique house plant that doesn’t need soil to survive. Because they aren’t planted in soil, they don’t work well in conventional planters. These wall mounted round frames allow these exotic beauties to breathe and be displayed without hindrance.