• Propagation Station

Propagation Station

Introducing our all new Propagation Station, in both wall mounted and table top versions.

🌱 Elevate Your Propagation Game with Strength and Style 🌱

Are you a passionate plant parent looking to give your green babies the best start in life? Our Propagation Stands are a robust and reliable platform crafted from heavy-weight steel.

🌟 Give Your Plants the Support They Deserve ! 🌟

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Key Features:

💪 Heavy-Weight Steel: Built to Last Crafted from durable and long-lasting recycled steel, our propagation stand provides a sturdy foundation for your plants to thrive. No more worries about flimsy stands or jars tipping over.

👀 Peek-a-Boo: We wanted to make these ideal both for getting sun and for seeing root growth which is why we opened up the front so you can easily watch the process unfold.

🌿 Free-Standing Design and Wall Hanging Versions: Our freestanding designs have a small footprint, allowing you to easily place it on your mantle or windowsill. Create your own propagation station without the need for wall support. Need to clear up counter space, consider our wall hanging design.

🌈 Stylish and Sleek: Aesthetics Meet Functionality Not only is our Propagation Stand a powerhouse in strength, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your space. The minimalist design complements any décor, making it a stylish addition to your plant haven.

🌐 Versatile Usage: This stand is ideal environment for your cuttings to flourish and accommodates a variety of plant sizes. It could also be used as a vase!

🌍 Eco-Friendly: We believe in sustainable practices and use recycled steel for all of our products, including this one. Eco-friendly, supporting your commitment to green living.

Are you ready to revolutionize your plant care routine?

For Water-Sensitive Plants:
Conventional shelving can leave water-sensitive plants drowning in excess moisture. Our Propagation Stands provides the perfect solution! Elevate your plants upper leaves, so only the roots are submerged, preventing waterlogging and fostering a healthier environment for growth.

🚸 Pet and Child-Friendly: Elevate your toxic or potentially harmful plants to new heights, minimizing the risk of accidental ingestion. Enjoy the beauty of your green space without compromising on safety.

Upgrade Your Art with a Living Display:
The Propagation Stand isn't just functional—it's a statement piece. Who said art has to be confined to canvas? Transform your living space into a vibrant gallery with our Propagation Stand. Showcase your favorite plants as living artworks, adding a dynamic and refreshing element to your home décor.

- Glass tubes and holder
- Brass screws and anchors for the wall hanging version

- Measures: 6” X 6” X 3"
- Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

Inspiration Behind the Design

We are indoor plant fanatics! We have plants all over our house on every surface. Personally, I don’t like a lot of clutter (Matt and I definitely disagree on that…🙄) I created these plant holders to be thoughtful but not obtrusive solution to our scattered propagations. I wanted to showcase our plants in a streamlined and elegant way, and this final design does just that.