It all started when I bought my own home and  found myself standing in the aisle of a big box home improvement store, fed up with their hideous selection of mass-produced toilet paper holders…

I felt like I had two bad options: buy “the best of the worst,” or overpay for better design but questionable quality from a high-end home goods store.

I wanted homeware that was unfussy, modern, durable and affordable. I couldn't find ANYTHING that fit my criteria. Then I thought - I’ll make it myself!

Three years later we’ve expanded our offerings to include more and more house basics and continue to bring you timeless designs and lasting products to your homes.

Thank you for stoping by!



Each object we produce is made from recycled steel. We chose to work with steel intentionally (not only because we are based in the Steel City) because steel is an incredibly durable and lasting material. With a sweeping trend towards designed obsolescence and cheap materiality, we wanted to offer quality products that will outlast our competitors goods. If we do our job right, you’re buying the last towel bar you’ll ever need to buy. 

We design our products to be paired down and simple so they won’t go out of style with the next trend cycle. Most of our products are created using a single continuous piece of steel that is cut then bent to become our fabulous goods.


We do cycles of limited runs for each product we add to our shop. This business model allows us to be in a constant revisioning process with our designs as well as allow us to be responsive to market demands. 

What does this mean for you? If you love one of our products there’s never any guarantee it will be in our shop next month. As goods sell out we may choose to discontinue certain styles and colors. If you’re indecisive like me - don’t rely on the likelihood that you’ll be able to buy your favorite next year. What’s the saying? One in the hand is worth two in the bush?