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Book Ends

Introducing our vibrant collection of bookends –  These eye-catching bookends aren't just practical; they're a statement piece for your home or office.

Transform your bookshelf into a visual masterpiece with our colorful bookends. Because organizing your books should be as fun as reading them!

Sold as singles, purchase more than one and save $10 on each book end.  (2 for $60, 3 for $90 etc.)

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Mix, Match, and Play: Whether you prefer loud accent colors or a more subtle, coordinated palette, we offer our book ends in color options to match. From bold saturated hues to soothing pastels, there's a shade for you. Each book end is sold individually so you can mix and match to create a rainbow of organization on your shelves.

Style Meets Substance: Crafted with durable recycled steel, our bookends are more than just pretty faces. Sturdy materials ensure that your book collection stays securely in place over time, while the vibrant colors add a playful touch to your décor.

Organize with Panache: Tired of the same old bookshelf setup? Add a pop of personality to your space while keeping your favorite reads in order. Our bookends aren't just accessories; they're the finishing touch to a well-curated collection.

Perfect Gift for Book Lovers: Searching for a thoughtful and colorful gift? Look no further. Our bookends make for a delightful present for avid readers, students, or anyone who appreciates a touch of whimsy in their home.

Explore the versatility of bookends with these creative ways to showcase your books and more:

Cookbook Holder:
Give your kitchen a touch of culinary distinction by using bookends to prop up your collection of cookbooks. Not only does it make finding recipes a breeze, but it also adds a stylish element to your counter space.

Magazine and File Organizer:
Say goodbye to clutter and use bookends to neatly organize magazines, files, or folders on your desk or in your home office. Keep your reading materials upright and easily accessible for a tidy workspace.

Kid's Corner:
Foster a love for reading early on by using whimsical bookends to display children's books. Make storytime even more enchanting by creating an inviting and organized space for little readers.

Divider Delight:
Create visual interest in open shelving or room dividers by strategically placing bookends. They act as both functional dividers and decorative elements, making your space feel organized and visually appealing.

Desktop De-Clutter:
Tame the chaos on your desk by employing bookends to corral notebooks, planners, and stationery. Organize your workspace efficiently and make a statement with cute and practical bookends.

DVD or CD Stand:
Bring order to your entertainment center by using bookends to organize DVDs or CDs. Keep your favorite movies and music easily accessible and neatly arranged.

Discover the endless possibilities bookends offer beyond simply supporting books. With a dash of creativity, these versatile accessories can enhance the organization and aesthetics of any space in your home or office.

Includes one book end, purchase two for $60-discount automatically applied at check out


Inspiration Behind the Design

This style started as a happy accident. We were workshopping different sizes of plant holders when we realized our plant holders could be adjusted slightly to be really practical bookends. We had these as seconds at one of our in person sales and people really liked them. We ended up loving how it turned out!