• Box Planters

Box Planters

Create a mod display with our colorful box planters. Designed to be sturdy, our wall planters can hold plants, soil, and rocks for drainage without slipping or sagging.

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They’re a simple design that will stand the test of time and transcend fleeting design trends.
Also can be used to store other objects besides plants. Consider hanging one next to your bed to hold your books and glasses.

- Keep toxic-plants out of reach from pets and kids
- Upgrade your wall art with a living display
- Make the most of sunny wall surfaces to maximize your plant real-estate

- All necessary hardware, brass screws and anchors are provided
- Mounting directions

- Measures: Pear is 6x6x6, Cornflower is 14x5x4
- Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

Inspiration Behind the Design

These were created during a program I did with Monmade called the Green leap program. The program was based in Pittsburgh and focused on mitigating environmental impact. We worked to keep production partners close and to make all process waste as small as possible.