• Catch&Keep Trays

Catch&Keep Trays

Show off your keepsakes or corral everyday essentials with our colorful catch-all trays. Scalloped edges help keep everything safely contained.

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I love trays, boxes, shelves, basically anything that designates this is a home for an item.
Need somewhere to throw your pocket contents at the end of the day? We got you. Looking for a place to put your cooking oil and salt cellar? Look no further.

- Create a designated space for your everyday essentials (ahem misplaced keys and remotes) - so good!
- As a corral beside the bathroom or kitchen sink (countertop chaos be gone!)
- Displaying your treasured collections

- 1 tray

- Measures: 10” x 3”
- Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

Inspiration Behind the Design

The tray design originally came out of a residency at Falling Water, The curves were inspired by the shapes and sense of symmetry I observed while there.