• Limited Edition Hooks- Buy 4 get 1 free

Limited Edition Hooks- Buy 4 get 1 free

Meet our limited edition double hooks in sultry black, creamy white, and luscious emerald green.

These compact double hooks offer the same functionality as our standard size but at a more affordable price. They are slightly smaller and come with contrasting screw cap covers. Enjoy additional savings on bulk orders, making them an excellent value choice. With our buy 4, get 1 free deal, you can mix and match colors as you please, creating the perfect palette for your space.  

⚡️ Note about the Snap Caps ⚡️ For those of you who don't know we've gone back and forth about having matching snap caps or contrasting snap cap colors with our wall mounted products. Right now all of our products come with snap cap covers that match the product you buy them with. We have warm and cool tone snap cap packs as add ons if you're looking to mix it up. ANYWAYS, Keegan (our previous social media manager and more) has always loved the quirky unmatched look we let her chose the unmatching preset colored snap caps for these limited edition hooks. Hope you enjoy!

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Wall-mounted single hooks are versatile and can be used in various ways to organize and enhance the functionality of your space. Here are some creative ways to use wall-mounted single hooks:

Entryway Organization:

✔️ Hang a single hook near the entrance to hold keys, hats, or scarves.
✔️ Use multiple hooks in a row for family members to have their designated space.

Closet Storage:

✔️ Install single hooks on the inside of closet doors to hang bags, belts, or accessories.
✔️ Organize jewelry by hanging necklaces or bracelets on individual hooks.

Kitchen Convenience:

✔️ Hang utensils or small pots and pans to save drawer or counter space.
✔️ Keep oven mitts, aprons, or kitchen towels easily accessible.

Bathroom Storage:

✔️ Use single hooks to hang towels or robes.
✔️ Keep bath accessories organized by hanging shower caddies or baskets.

Home Office Organization:

✔️ Hang headphones, cables, or chargers to keep your desk clutter-free.
✔️ Use hooks to organize and display lanyards or ID badges.

Kids' Room Tidiness:

✔️ Hang backpacks, hats, or jackets at a kid-friendly height.
✔️ Use hooks to organize and display artwork or small craft projects.

Garage and Workshop:

✔️Hang tools, gardening gloves, or extension cords for easy access.
✔️Keep sports equipment organized by hanging items like baseball gloves or helmets.

Decorative Display:

✔️ Install single hooks to display decorative items like hanging plants or lanterns.
✔️ Create a wall-mounted coat rack using a row of single hooks for a stylish look.

Laundry Room Efficiency:

✔️ Hang reusable shopping bags or laundry bags for easy access.
✔️ Keep ironing boards or clothes hangers organized on hooks.

Pet Supplies:

✔️Hang leashes, collars, or pet towels near the door.
✔️Organize pet toys by hanging them on individual hooks.

DIY Wall Art:

✔️ Arrange hooks in an artistic pattern on the wall and use them to hang small, lightweight items for a unique display.

When using wall-mounted single hooks, consider the weight capacity of each hook and install them securely to ensure they can support the items you plan to hang. Additionally, spacing and placement are essential for both functionality and aesthetics.

  • Matching screw cap covers - want to mix things up? Add a snap cap pack.
  • All necessary hardware 
  • Mounting directions

5.25 in x 1 in x 1.1 in

  • Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)

Screw Cover Caps (4/5 screw size)

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Inspiration Behind the Design

We made these as a small thank you to all the people who have been with us through thick and thin of our first few years of being a small business. We appreciate you SO MUCH and wanted to extend a token of our gratitude back to you.