• Dog Bag Holders 3.0

Dog Bag Holders 3.0

Introducing these cute and useful MUST-HAVE dog bag holders! This is an extremely convenient tool for your dog walking routine. A roll of bags loose in your home is a draaaaag, secure them firmly in place on a wall by your door.

We've gone through multiple iterations to get these JUST RIGHT, and we're so happy with this final product.  These simple-to-install dog bag holders have a tab at bottom so each bag dispensed is released easily. 

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We workshopped and reworked simple and colorful designs to contain our dogs unattractive poop bags. I'm happy to finally have this third iteration design available now for pet owners to create a permanent place for the bag rolls to rest!

Make getting out of the house easier! Hang it next to your door for dog bags. Make an organized entryway station for your daily needs. Improve your home routine and make cleaning up after your pup breezy.

-Brass screws and anchors
-Easy key-hook installation method
-All necessary installation hardware is included

3 x 1.5 x 2"

Inspiration Behind the Design

As a dog owner, I know how hectic the moment right before a walk can be. We were sick of losing our dog's poop bags in odd spots around the home. I hated having the re-roll the bags after they'd rolled off somewhere. I wanted to design a streamlined and easy way to store and dispense dog bag holders.