• Nesting Catch and Keep Trays

Nesting Catch and Keep Trays

Our beloved catch and keep trays - now available in a nesting set. Endlessly rearrange them into different (perfectly-fitting) formations. Features 4 tray sizes so that every knick-knack has a right-sized resting place.
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Use these anywhere from the kitchen to the office.

- A great base for a living or dining room table centerpiece
- Add next to the door to organize your keys, mail, and spare change
- Perfect for corralling a cluttered vanity

4 trays in a variety of sizes

- Measures in sets of 4 at: 13x13, 12x4, 7.5x4, 3.5x3.5
- Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

Inspiration Behind the Design

These nestled sets remind me of spooning in with a sweetie or fitting into a perfect parking spot. They are versatile and moveable with a pleasing, snug fit. These make great centerpieces or a catch-all spot for your desk accessories.