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T.V. Tray

Reviving the TV Dinner Experience

Meet our Steel Luxury TV Trays – Reminiscent of those trays you used to use to eat tv dinners from in the 80s.

Our luxury TV trays boast a sleek and modern design that complements any interior. The sturdy steel construction ensures a stable platform for your favorite snacks, beverages, or a laptop while you unwind in front of the television.

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Key Features:
1) Retro Chic Design: The steel frame is meticulously designed with a touch of elegance, adding a refined aesthetic to your living room. It's not just a tray; it's a statement piece that enhances the overall ambiance.
2) Sturdy and Durable: Built to last, our luxury TV trays are constructed from high-quality recycled steel, providing a robust foundation for your entertainment needs. Say goodbye to flimsy trays and embrace the durability of steel.
3) Versatile Functionality: These trays go beyond the conventional. Use them as side tables, laptop stands, or even as elegant accents when not in use. Perfect for entertaining guests AND for breakfast in bed.
4) Easy to Clean: Life happens, and spills are inevitable. With our steel trays, cleaning is a breeze. Wipe away stains effortlessly, keeping your entertainment area pristine and ready for the next movie night.

Upgrade your home with the epitome of fun and functionality. Our Steel TV Trays redefine the way you experience entertainment, transforming your living room into a haven of style and convenience. Elevate your space – elevate your lifestyle.

Our TV Trays can be a versatile and practical addition to your home, serving various purposes in different rooms. Here's a list of home uses for a large tray:

Coffee Table Centerpiece:

Arrange candles, flowers, or decorative items on the tray to create an attractive focal point on your coffee table.

Breakfast in Bed:

Surprise a loved one with a cozy breakfast in bed, luxuriously displayed on our tray.

TV Dinner Tray:

Enjoy a casual meal or snack in front of the TV with the convenience of a stable and spacious tray.

Organizer in the Entryway:

Corral keys, mail, and other essentials on a tray near the entryway for a tidy and organized look.

Bar Tray:

Transform your tray into a stylish mini bar by arranging bottles, glassware, and cocktail accessories for entertaining guests.

Bathroom Essentials Organizer:

Keep toiletries, perfumes, and grooming items organized on a tray in the bathroom.

Bedroom Perfume or Jewelry Display:

Showcase your favorite perfumes or organize jewelry on a tray on your bedroom dresser or vanity.

Home Office Desk Organizer:

Use our tray to keep pens, notebooks, and office supplies organized on your desk.

Plant Display:

Group potted plants or succulents on a tray for an aesthetically pleasing and mobile indoor garden. Avoid wet spots from watering on your wood surfaces!

Dining Table Centerpiece:

Create a beautiful centerpiece on your dining table by arranging candles, flowers, or seasonal decorations on a tray. No more messy candle wax peeling the finish off of your table!

Craft Supply Organizer:

Sort and organize craft materials like paintbrushes, scissors, and small items on a tray for easy access.

Book or Magazine Display:

Keep your current reads organized and within reach by placing them on a tray on a side table or ottoman.

Children's Art Station:

Use a tray as a designated area for your child's arts and crafts supplies, making cleanup and mobility easier.

Game Night Central:

Keep board games, cards, and game night essentials neatly organized on a tray for family or friends.

Seasonal Décor:

Rotate seasonal decorations like pumpkins, ornaments, or seashells on a tray as an easy way to update your home's look.

Picnic or Outdoor Entertaining:

Use our trays to transport snacks, drinks, or utensils during outdoor picnics or gatherings.
Remote Control Station:

Keep all your remote controls in one place on a tray for easy access and a clutter-free living room.

Fruit or Snack Display:

Arrange a selection of fruits or snacks on our trays for a visually appealing and accessible display in the kitchen.
Artistic Display:

Showcase a collection of small art pieces, sculptures, or decorative items on our trays as a curated display in your home.

With its versatility, a large tray can become an essential and stylish accessory in nearly every room of your home. Make an altar space, house your rock collection - whatever your pleasure!

1 tray

10 x 15 "
powder coated mild steel

Inspiration Behind the Design

Nostalgia Meets Modern Living

We wanted to revive the TV Dinner experience and
make our contemporary twist on a classic favorite inspired by iconic TV dinners of the 80s. We've designed these trays to transport you back to a time when dinners were not just meals but experiences, bringing the spirit of the 80s and those cozy nights in front of the TV with family.

Remember the excitement of dinner in front of the TV in the 80s? We've captured that essence in our Steel TV Dinner Trays. Rekindle the joy of indulging in a relaxed, yet fun, TV dinner experience. Add touch of retro flair to your space and celebrating the spirit of a cherished era.