• The Phone Rest

The Phone Rest

Our simple solution to the problem you didn’t want to admit you had.

Introducing the Ultimate Toilet Paper Roll Holder – The Phone Rest. Let’s be honest - we bring our phones EVERYWHERE with us, for better or for worse the bathroom is no exception. Our handy new design not only does the necessary toilet paper thing but ALSO gives you that convenient top shelf for you to rest your weary phone. Upgrade your bathroom experience, give your phone a dignified place to land instead of wherever else you’ve been stashing it.

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📱 Phone Shelf Perks: Tired of awkwardly balancing your phone on random surfaces or risking it falling into the toilet? Our Toilet Paper Roll Holder is equipped with a sturdy top shelf, specially designed to hold your phone safely. Now you can enjoy hands-free convenience, whether you're catching up on the latest news, streaming your favorite tunes, or simply staying connected while in the restroom.

💚 Sustainability: We believe in mitigating our environmental impact without compromising style. That's why our toilet paper holder is crafted from 100% recycled steel. Align your home to your values by choosing goods that give new life to scrap steel.

🏗️ Domestic Production: Support local craftsmanship and ensure the highest quality standards with our made-in-America production promise. By choosing our Toilet Paper Roll Holder, you're investing in a product that's proudly manufactured on home soil, contributing to job growth and sustainability.

Key Features:
✅ Dual Functionality: Toilet paper roll holder with built-in phone shelf
✅ Sturdy Construction: Crafted from 100% recycled steel
✅ Long Lifespan: We love working with steel because it reliably lasts a LONG TIME
✅ Sleek and Modern Design: Elevate your bathroom décor with our streamlined design
✅ Pop of Color: We’re very proud of our color offerings, accent your space with our dreamy color ways
✅ Made in America: Support local manufacturing and sustainability by keeping the production cycle close by

Upgrade your bathroom experience with the Ultimate Toilet Paper Roll Holder -The Phone Rest - where practicality meets eco-conscious design. Order yours today and transform your restroom into a space that combines style, functionality, and sustainability!

- Elevate a (sometimes bland) space in seconds with this thoughtful upgrade
-Keep your phone handy

-Measures 5x3x3.5"
-Made from: Recycled powder coated steel, sourced locally from Western PA

  • Screw Cover Cap Packs (6/8 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Cap Packs (6/8 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Cap Packs (6/8 screw size)
  • Screw Cover Cap Packs (6/8 screw size)

Screw Cover Cap Packs (6/8 screw size)

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Inspiration Behind the Design

I always say the toilet paper roll holder was the design that started it all. This design has been in development for almost 2 years. We came out with the minimalist toilet paper roll holder first because it was a bit simpler to figure out. I wanted to make sure this one was perfect before bringing to to you. I needed that satisfying snap of the wooden dowel and the snug fit for the roll. Hope it brings you many successful doom scrolling sessions or Wordle wins.